925 silver
14k gold

various size

바다의 산물인 산호의 형상을 재해석한 산업 장신구 시리즈 

산호의 형태를 선적인 요소로 단순화 한 기본 패턴을 토대로 반전, 반복 등 일련의 과정을 거쳐 재형상화하는 연구를 진행했다. 주제를 암시적으로 표현하여 착용자가 무엇이든 떠올릴 수 있는 상상의 여지를 열어두고자 한다. 

Series of jewelry which is the reinterpretation of the shape of coral, a fruit of the ocean 

The study was conducted to reshape the coral through a series of processes such as reversal and repetition, based on the coral shaped pattern that is simplified into a linear element. By expressing the subject allusively, left a room for the stimulation of imagination of the wearer.

Coralism_1Necklace, 925 silver, 48*15*8 mm
Coralism_2, Earrings, 925 silver, 30*13*8 mm

Coralism_3, Brooch, 925 silver, 70*12*8 mm
Coralism_4, Brooch, 925 silver, 35*35*20 mm
Coralism_5, Ear cuff, 925 silver, 18*18*10 mm

Coralism_6, Ring, 925 silver, 17*17*13 mm
Coralism_7, Ring, 925 silver, 18*18*13 mm

Coralism_8, Necklace, 14k gold, 12*15*10 mm
Coralism_9, Necklace, 14k gold, 14*14*2 mm
Earrings, 14k gold, 14*14*2 mm


MAENG Yujin @urzinction